[999] autopoieticSystem

National Musum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile January- April 2015
at the exhibition Reflejo/Sonoro colectivo Biotronik 2.0

Images and Video of the [999] autopoieticSystem in action.

[999] is an interactive visual and sound installation consisting of a projection of approximately 15 meters by 2.5 meters. Three projectors, three microcomputers Raspberry Pi, three night cameras, and three pairs of headphones.
Each of these computers has a different program that responds drawing shapes, colors and sounds in response to the different stimuli viewers produce, creating an experience of dialogue with the work, allowing them to create their own experience.


In the year 2006 I design an interactive program named that reacted to sound stimuli responding with sounds and visual in an unpredicted way, it reminded me of a living entity.
This work gave birth to a series of interactive installations and works i have denominated autopoieticSystems based on the memories I had of my studies with Humberto Maturana at the Science Faculty and following the works of Francisco Varela. The work of these two biologists have been very influential to the concepts underlying my work.

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The main concept involved in the autopoieticSystem are:

i) The work only constitutes itself in the interaction with the surroundings and with the spectators.

ii) The system has a complexity that allows it to respond in an unexpected way

iii) The spectator is responsible of his/her own experience with the system.

One of my main concerns at this moment is the fact that each of us humans is unique and perceives and experience his/hers life in an extremely personal way...and that even though we have been trained to communicate and share our findings, the process of the experience is a personal thing.

This work is part of the development of the autopoieticSystems more information:


Technical Details

Three Projectors (hdmi)
Three micro computers Raspberry Pi
Three cameras noir
Three interactive programs in C ++ (OpenFrameworks)
Three pairs of Headphones

© 2015 Félix Lazo